After reading about the Alientech window controller on the web I decided it would be a nice toy to have!

It lets you open and close the car windows from the remote - not an essential feature I know, but I think it's cool.

It works using combinations of presses on the remote buttons as follows:

UNLOCK - UNLOCK - UNLOCK -> Unlocks all doors and ROLLDOWNS the windows.

UNLOCK - LOCK ->Locks all doors and ROLLUP all windows and sunroof. 

UNLOCK - LOCK - UNLOCK -> Locks all doors and ROLLUP sunroof and VENTS windows. 

Extremely useful links were:

MK IV Jetta Alientech fitting guide - This was fantastic - detailed photos of how to remove the door panel without damage! - This was also incredibly useful as it contains the correct wiring colours for the Octavia

The packetradio link above is dead so here are the correct wiring details for the Octavia:

Alientech Car (solid colour/trace colour)
Green Black/yellow
Black Yellow/black
Blue Brown
Yellow White/yellow
White Brown/yellow
Orange Grey/red
Red Grey/black

Here's the copy of the original page on the Alientech site: clicky

Door in bits - argh!

Wires bared ready for fitting

Alientech fitted and in place

Bit of tape to tidy things

More tape!

And the door went back together with no problems :-)

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