Amp Power Cable

Here are lots of pictures of where the cable runs to help others do the same job :-)

The idea is to modify the car as little as possible so it can be returned to standard if needed. Also I hate seeing cables so they must be properly hidden.

I used approximately 6.5 metres of cable to get from one end of the car to the other.

The plan is to install the amp here - initially I was going to put it behind this panel but I'm worried about heat, Also it looks cool so it'll be nice to see it.

To get the cable from the boot to in front of the rear seat is simple. Fold the seat forward and the plastic trim is held in by two plastic thingies like the picture above. These unscrew easily with no tools.

Once the trim is removed there's loads of space for the cable to run. It easily pushes through behind the side trim of the boot to get to the back of the car.

Getting this far is easy - just push the cable under the edge of the plastic trim.

Remove the two screws pictured above to loosen the plastic trim and hide the cable behind it.

Carefully run the cable out of the way of the pedals. As you can see I ran it over the top of the accelerator, cable tied it away from the brake pedal and ran it behind the plastic thingy and the carpet.

There's loads of room behind the centre console to run the cable. Remove the glovebox - it's held on with five Torx screws.

This is a shot of behind the glovebox. My mucky finger's pointing to the approximate location of the grommet in the bulkhead, behind the pipe.

And here's the cable in its final position.

To get to the other side of the grommet you need to remove the plastic trim at the bottom of the windscreen. It took me ages to realise how. It clips in along its top edge - remove it by lifting the top edge perpendicular to the windscreen.

This shows the wire coming through - it clearly shows the location of the grommet so you don't have to search for ages like me!

I routed the cable through the existing trunking and out of a convenient hole in the side. This just unclips.

The cable and fuse holder are cable tied to the air hose, with plenty of slack to allow for flexing!

The battery cover goes on nicely with no cutting required!

And here's the plastic trim all fastened back on.
Later I removed the airbox to fit my APR TIP and ran the cables more neatly underneath.

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