I've fitted a pod of three gauges. They are made by a company called Option Tuning and were the best fit to the look of the vRS dash that I could find.

They came via an Ebay seller in Australia. Their Ebay ID is e-automart.

Excuse the blurring - taken without flash!

Boost Gauge

The sender for the boost gauge

Before pic

This is the correct location for the T-Piece for the boost gauge - on the pipe to the fuel pressure regulator.

Here's a more recent pic:

Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

The air/fuel ratio gauge needs to connect to the oxygen sensor in the exhaust. Access to the wires is under the drivers seat behind a plastic panel as shown:

From 42 Draft Designs FAQ:

Which wire do I tap for my air-fuel gauge?

The black one. On all VW/Audi oxygen sensors and most others there will be four wires - one black, one gray, and two white. The two white wires are the heater wires. The gray wire is incoming power. The black wire is signal output. You need to tap the black wire of your sensor after is crosses over to the ECU wiring harness. Don't tap the black wire itself or you will have to remove your tap every time you need to take the sensor off.

Oil Temperature Gauge

There is a blanking plug in the top of the housing that the oil filter connects to. This can be unscrewed and replaced with oil temperature sender.

Again from 42 Draft Designs website:

1.8T Oil Pressure and Temperature Senders

The 1.8T oil filter flange allows for the simple installation of both an oil temperature sender and an oil pressure sender. The flange houses 1 blank plug and a stock oil pressure sending unit - both with M10x1 threads.

Plug #10 is an excellent location to measure oil temperature. VDO's 300F Oil Temp Sender, part # 323-423 will take the place of the blank plug and accurately measure oil temperature. If measuring oil pressure but not temperature, VDO's 80PSI Oil Pressure Sender, part # 360-001 will also take the place of plug #10.

If measuring oil temperature and pressure, you will need an Oil Pressure Relocation kit, part # 42-004. Our oil pressure relocation kits have been designed to allow our customers to install both the VDO oil pressure sender and the OEM oil pressure sender remotely. The Oil pressure relocation kit will take the place of the stock oil pressure sender, # 16 as shown below. The stock sender will now be located aside the VDO sender (360-001) 12" away from the oil filter flange where sufficient room exist.

Thanks to 42 Draft Designs for their helpful website.

All back together!

Once I fitted my CAI the pipework looked untidy so I've replaced it with blue stuff!
IMG_0861 IMG_0859 IMG_0860