Gauge Update - Oil Pressure Gauge

I decided to relocate my boost gauge to a more easily visible position, so had to replace it with something else. Oil pressure seemed to be the logical choice.
After much searching I found a gauge at an online shop in Australia which looked almost the same as my existing ones. A friend brought it over to NZ for me as they wouldn't deliver outside Australia.

First thing was to swap the gauges over in the dash pod

The next challenge when fitting bot oil pressure and temperature gauges to the 1.8t is that there is only one spare port on the oil filter housing from which to take a feed. I chose to use an oil filter relocation kit from 42 Draft Designs to remedy this.
I purchased if from North American Motorsports along with the New South Performance Gauge pod pictured below. Their service was excellent and I'd definitely recommend them.

The relocation kit and gauge kit.

The pod

First step is to remove the stock oil pressure sender, circled here. This requires a 24mm deep socket.

Here is the extension pipe in place

The kit with senders installed. Why does the aftermarket one have to be five times bigger than the stock one?

In place and secured

The gauges


 And the boost gauge in its new pod



The other thing I did was fix the power source. Originally I was a bit lazy and took power from the back of the head unit so the gauges stayed lit when the stereo was on.

I popped out the headlight switch and found the switched live using a multi-meter. The red/black wire is the switched live.

To remove the headlight switch, with the switch in the "OFF" position, push in on the switch until you feel some resistance, and then, with the switch still pushed in, turn it clockwise, and pull it out.

I installed a little fuse holder behind the dash and used it as a distribution point from the headlight switch power source to the four gauges and my DRLs



The fit wasn't perfect on the gauge pod and I spent a while trying to get it to sit properly but it kept rattling, so in the end I chopped both sides off with a Dremel.


This doesn't look as nice so for now I have covered the gaps with black tape