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Guide - Replacing brake servo line with braided hose

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1.3 metres of braided line. (i had to buy 2m)
Jubilee Clips to clamp 20mm line. x2
Braided line finishers x 4  (20mm) AN-10
Hack saw
7mm mini ratchet or screw driver

Spec of the line i used..

Hose ID: 12.7mm

Hose OD:


Wall Thickness:



Textile & Stainless Steel Reinforcement

Working Pressure:

15 Bar

Bursting Pressure:

60 Bar

Temperature Range:

- 20C upto + 80 C


Stainless Steel Silver

This is avaliable From

Braided line finishers are from Ebay.

Ok here goes.. Remove your old Pipe from the bulk head.   This might be pressurized so be aware it might make you jump!  Remove from here..  
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If you follow the line from your Manifold to the bulkhead you will find it.  It just pops off. Just be carefull not to damage the line that's on the bulk head as that a a ball ache to replace!

Once your pipe is removed you will have a long solid pipe with a Y piece 1 end, and little 90deg plastic elbow the other, and 2 x non return valves on it.  You need the 90 deg plastic elbow and the non return valves.
These (I think) heat are heat wraped on so you cant just pull them out. I used a Stanley blade to carefully cut two lines down the solid pipe enough to pull them out.  Dont go to deep too cut the valve though as these may be expensive.

Heres what the 90deg elbow looks like:
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Be aware of the spongy bit in it, dont lose it!  
This is one of the non return jobbies:
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Mine had the word "motor" with arrows pointing 1 way showing what way round they go, make note of what way yours are in case you haven't got motor written on them.

Once all is removed, in short.. you need to make this..
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I have put the non return valves in roughly the same place they were on the OEM pipe. Gotta be a reason theres 2 spaced that way.

I made the first section from the manifold to the Non return Valve about 4.5" long. To cut braided line I did the following:
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Clamp down a jubilee on the pipe and use a hacksaw to cut it. I did done only one way strokes to keep it neater. Once cut it will look like this:
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Grab ya braided line finishers..
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Pop a non-return valve in one end, (the right way)
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And you should end up with something like this:
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Repeat process with other valve, and 90 deg elbow and fannys ya bob!!   I used normal jubilees after the second Non return valve as its not seen, so it don't need to look pretty.

Here's how mine looked when finished.
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Hope this helps anyone else wanting to do it.

I take no responsibility for anyone messing up their car.  Just be aware, if you do it wrong it will affect your brakes and might not be pretty. I have given no measurement to the longer bits of pipe as mine goes around a catch can so will be different to yours.