Guide - Changing the Fuel Filter

Originally posted on Briskoda by member Bodge

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Old Filter:

The stainless Norma clip was a complete nightmare to remove, due to the screw not being made from stainless so it was rusted solid! I attacked it for a good 30mins to get it free, and ended up cutting it off! Using a clip like this was a terrible idea by Skoda.

Filter removed, showing empty cradle:

The fuel line clips have a little tab on them that needs pressing to release them, nice and easy. No fuel ran out of the hoses, the only fuel that came out was the fuel in the filter. Note the cradle is plastic, and is part of the tank.

New filter fitted up:

Ideally I would have used one big chunky zip tie, but four small ones had to do at the time! It's nice and secure, and the central zip ties run through the cradle. The fuel lines just pushed and clipped on.

Before starting the car, I primed the system three times to move the bubble past the fuel rail, and then she fired up and ran perfectly. To prime the system you need to open and close the drivers door, and turn the ignition on, and repeat this process. Just turning the ignition on and off only works the first time. That's it really, the only annoying bit was the stupid old hose clip!