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Sound Deadening
Head Unit Running the amp power
Standard speaker wire colours

Focal Access 165 A1 component speakers

Somehow I managed to blow one of the Infintys so I replaced them with these. Awesome sound quality with the RF amp.

Running the amp power

More details on running the amp power cable
Alpine iDA-X300 iPod Head Unit

The Panasonic MP3 Head unit was good but I wanted a wider selection of music in the car, so I bought this baby along with a 30Gb iPod
 IMG_0441 IMG_0440
Rockford Fosgate punch 200.4 Amp

I bought this second-hand to replace the Mutant amp and re-connect the rear speakers. It's made a big difference to the sound quality from the Focal speakers - they sound fantastic!

Sound Deadening

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10" sub, amp, custom enclosure

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Upgraded Rear Speakers
6x4" 60w Rockford Fosgate speakers to replace the OEM 25w ones


Front Door OEM Speaker Wiring Colours

I struggled to work out which wire was which so:
Drivers side:
Passenger side:
RED = +

Replaced ICE Mods

Infinity 652i Replacement Front Speakers
Now replaced after I blew one up :(

These are a direct replacement for the standard speakers and sound much better IMHO

Alpine SWD-1600 Subwoofer

I wanted something to fill in the bass without taking up too much boot space. The Alpine was ideal - a 6.5" sub with built-in amplifier designed to go under the seats of sports cars. Mine is in the boot as it wouldn't fit under the Skoda seats. All you need to connect is power and audio.

Mutant NW280SP Two Channel Amp

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I bought the amp to use for my car PC project but ended up using it to drive the front speakers instead.
The difference in sound clarity and quality is amazing compared to using the head unit to drive the speakers. And it looks flash in the boot too!
The rear speakers are disconnected.

The abandoned car PC project

I started a project to install a PC in the car for satnav, mp3 playing etc. After spending several months working on it, I had so many issues with reliability, not to mention a faulty screen from the US that I gave up and pulled it all back out.
Here are the pages I did when installing the gadgets:
Screen install 1
Screen install 2
Design rethink
Focal Component Speakers
Custom Speaker Mounts
(Removed - doors now modified so stock grilles can be used)

After blowing up my Infinitys I bought some replacement components but they were too deep to fit.
This was my solution:


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