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Alientech Window Controller
Bonnet Lifters
Custom Gauges
Custom Gauges - Updated
Footwell Lighting
Mk4 Golf Sunglasses Holder
Rear Interior Lights
Heavyweight Shift Knob
MKIV Golf R32 Steering Wheel
Engine Diagram
Guide - Removing Xenon Headlight
Guide - Removing Door Panel
Jacking Points
Useful Part Numbers
Recaro Leather Seats

Alientech auto-window controller

Fitting information

This is a great gadget! It allows you to roll up and roll down the windows from the remote key using combinations of key presses.

Mk4 Golf Sunglasses Holder

Such a useful little thing - directly replaces the drivers side grab handle.
I intended to paint this to match the headlining but I ended up buying four matching handles and replacing the lot so they all match!
I bought mine from Awesome

Custom Gauges

Click for details

I replaced the in-dash cubby hole with boost, oil temperature and air/fuel ratio gauges

Gauge Update

Oil Pressure Gauge added, boost gauge relocated
MKIV Golf R32 Steering Wheel

Useful part numbers

Skoda emblem - 1U0 853 621 C (Front and rear are the same)

New Skoda Rear Emblem (from the Citigo)
1ST 853 630A AUL

Footwell lighting

I've only done the driver's side so far. I still need to work out where to mount the LEDs for the passenger side!
Click the image for more photos and details
Rear Interior Lights


Bonnet Lifter gas struts

I've been wanting some of these for ages but I'm too tight to pay for the expensive ones. Well I found these from this Ebay Seller. They're for a Mk3 Golf and with a small amount of bending with my fixing hammer they fit perfectly!

IMG_1420 IMG_1426

IMG_1422 IMG_1421
Update! One of the gas struts failed after about 12 weeks :( Replaced with some better quality ones from here
1.8T AUQ Engine Diagrams

Standard AUQ engine:
1.8t Original

Guide - Removing Xenon Headlight

Guide - Removing Rear Door Panel



Not a mod but a milestone I guess

Rear door lock replacement

Recaro Leather Seats

The seats came from a Mk4 Golf V6 4Motion and fit perfectly.

BFI Industries Heavyweight Shift Knob



I really like this - nice heavy shift feel

Guides created by others
Thanks for allowing me to share

Jacking Points

Shows the correct jacking points for the Octavia