Super Pro Rear Beam Bushes

I finally managed to find time on a weekend to fit my rear beam bushes.
I was going to take it to a garage but thanks to the guide by Briskoda member Bowders1 I decided to give it a go.

It wasn't so bad!


I was glad I bought replacement nuts and bolts because the only way to get the drivers side bolt out was to cut it off because the petrol tank was in the way!


I was also slowed down a bit by this on the rear beam, which I assume is the rear xenon levelling sensor:

It was nicely rusted but some WD40 and a tea break loosened it up nicely.

The old bush

After a bit of work with a drill:

Then I used a wood chisel to break the bits of rubber between the holes until the bush loosened enough to be knocked out.

SuperPro bushes. I bought them from a UK supplier for 25% less than it would cost to buy in NZ. And they're made in Queensland.
So my bushes have already done 25,000 miles around the world!

They just push in by hand:

Then you slide in the centre bit - also by hand. Dead easy.

All fastened up.

Old bits: