Side Trims

This is a very simple thing but I think it makes the side view of the car so much better!

The kit for these is Skoda part no KGA 093 006 for the saloon or KGA 093 008 for the estate/combi - 20 quid from my local Skoda dealer. They looked at me like I was daft when I ordered them. I suspect I might see that look from them again in the future!!

You get a plastic packet with eight bits of floppy sticky-backed plastic, some badly translated instructions and a plastic spatula!

It's dead easy to fit them once you work out which is which. Peel back the rubber seals:

And just smooth the trims on with the spatula. The instructions say to remove the horizontal trim but I read lots of warnings on about them having metal in, and being easy to accidentally bend, so I used the spatula to push the trim behind them instead.

This is what the inside looks like when they're on.