MKIV Golf R32 Steering Wheel

One of these became available locally so I couldn't resist.

I used this guide, stolen from VWVortex:

Removal of OEM steering wheels 
- T55 torx bit or 12 point bit (12 point can be obtained from VW, or from some auto parts stores)
- Torque wrench (one that will allow you to torque to low settings)
- small flathead screwdriver (about 10cm long but pretty sturdy)
- ratchet for torx bit
- extension for rachet and bit
- 10mm socket (to disconnect battery)

- Make sure your wheels are straight and the steering wheel is appropriately aligned.
- Disconnect the battery.
- Insert key into ignition, and turn to the "on", but not "over" position (this will keep the wheel from locking).
- Turn the wheel 90 degrees to one side. You will feel/see a small hole in the back.
- Insert a small flathead screwdriver into the hole. Make sure the screwdriver is angled such that the handle is against the steering column, and the flathead is as high up within the hole as possible. Make sure to push the screwdriver in as far as you can.
- Pull up on the handle. What you are trying to do is push down on a small spring within the steering wheel that holds the airbag locking latch secured.
- You may have to try a couple times, but you will eventually see, hear, and feel the airbag catch release from the spring.
- Turn the wheel in the opposite direction 180 degrees until you can see/feel the second hole.
- Repeat the screwdriver procedure.
- The airbag should now be released from the steering wheel. However, it is still attached to the wiring harness. Make sure to unplug the harness from the airbag before you pull it out too far from the wheel.
- Place the airbag somewhere secure, with the padding side up.
- Disconnect the wiring harness from the steering column. If you look closely, you will see two indentations in the steering wheel, near the wiring harness, that will fit the harness connectors. Insert the connectors in the appropriate indentations just to get the wires out of your way (this is totally optional, but I thought I would add it).
- Using a T55 torx bit remove the bolt in the center of the steering column.
- Pull the wheel off the steering column.

- Push the wheel on the steering column making sure to line up the splines of the column and the wheel such that the centering mark on the wheel corresponds with the centering mark on the column.
- Clean the threads of the bolt. Put some new locktite on the threads of the bolt and tighten the bolt down. 
- You will need to use a torque wrench to torque the bolt to the appropriate setting. Torque to 50 Nm (37 ft-lb).
- Use a center punch to mark the bolt. This should be done each time the bolt is used (the bolt has a lifetime of 5 uses before it needs to be replaced). You should see an already existing punch mark ... make yours next to it, but not so close as to be confusing to someone other than yourself.
- Plug the wiring harness into the steering column.
- Plug the wiring harness into the airbag.
- Push the airbag into the steering wheel making sure the locking lugs are securely fastened (you'll be able to see/hear/feel when things lock up).
- Turn the key off and remove it from the ignition.
- Reconnect the battery.
- Insert the key in the ignition and turn it "on" but not "over". If you don't get an ABS light, then you're good. Give it a little while.
- Turn the car off and then start the car. 
- You will need to reset your clock, and on earlier Mk4 models, your radio will need to be unlocked with the security code (I don't have to do this on my '03, but your manual will tell you what to do).
- You will also need to reset your auto up/down window functions.

- Make sure all windows are completely closed (all the way up).
- Get out of the car.
- Lock the car from the the outside by inserting the key into the door and turning in the appropriate direction.
- Unlock the car through the door.
- Lock the car through the door again. Make sure to hold the key in the lock position for several seconds (I typically wait until the alarm LED has blinked a couple times).
- Your auto up/down functions should now work again.

Old wheel with the VW airbag fitted.