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Front Strut Braces
Rear Swaybar
Brembo Front Brakes
Dogbone Mount
ECS Stage 1 Clutch and Flywheel
Front Suspension Bushes
Guide - Changing Rear Axle Bushes
KW V3 Coilovers
Rear Suspension Bushes
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Short Shifter
Shifter Bushings
Wavetrac Limited Slip Differential
Gear Shift Linkage Adjustment
Swaybar Update

Audi S3 upper and lower strut braces

Well worth doing as it really stiffens up the front end of the car.
The lower brace just bolts in place - the holes are already there.
The upper brace requires drilling the strut tops.
I had mine fitted by the Skoda dealer as a condition of my UK insurance.
Prices and part numbers (as of 10/06) from a main Audi dealer are:
Upper strut brace 8L9 805 629 A 48.60
Lower brace 8N0 199 403 B 13.20
Bolts for lower brace N 104 679 01 2x1.14
Captive nuts N 909 147 01 2x 2.84

Cheers to Briskoda for the part numbers

Whiteline Mk4 Golf rear swaybar

This is excellent - it really tightens up the handling of the car and is well worth doing.
Polybushed Dogbone Mount

Powerflex dogbone mount bushes. I left the circular one as the stock rubber one. No more vibrations but it makes a big difference to engine movement when changing gear.
Super Pro Front Suspension bushes

These definitely feel much better than the standard bushes - firmer but not at all harsh.

Details here and here

They cost around NZ$210
After a month or so the ARB bushes started to creak, so I had to lubricate them with copper grease - with a little help from this guide
Whiteline swaybar update

After three years it's looking a little worse for wear. I plan to get it powder coated.
Rusty swaybar Rusty swaybar
Super Pro Rear Beam Bushes

Click below for details

Forge Short Shifter

Verdict Motorsport Gear Shift Bushings

Click for info:

42 Draft Designs Gear Shift Bushings

Click for info:
Upgraded front brakes

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KW V3 Coilovers

The VMAXX coilovers were gradually starting to drive me mad, crashy over bumps and generally harsh. A set of used KW V3s came up for sale on so I grabbed them.


The ride is sooo much better! And just the right amount of low.
S3/TT quick steering rack

The TT rack is a straight swap with the standard one. It's 2.5 turns lock to lock instead of 3.25. It feels great, especially combined with the R32 steering wheel.
I followed the Bentley manual and some online guides. Not too bad a job entailing drpooing the front subframe.



ECS Stage 1 Clutch and Flywheel

Click for more details
Wavetrac LSD


This thing is just awesome. Should be fitted as standard. I have so much more grip now!

Guides created by others
Thanks for allowing me to share

Guide - Changing Rear Axle Bushes

Gear Shift Linkage adjustment

This excellent video from shows how to adjust the gear shifter linkage

Replaced/Removed Mods

Compbrake Uprated Top Mounts

IMG_1137 IMG_0581-2
More Information

I bought these second hand and had them fitted for about 2000km but one of them was never quite right. The coilover spring wasn't turning properly and kept sticking then pinging into place. It turns out the bearing in that mount had siezed.
At first they wouldn't stay tight so I applied some Loctite. This made them a complete pig to remove and I ended up cutting the locking nut off the siezed one with a Dremel. So it's back to the standard mounts.
Uprated lower engine "dogbone" mount

Modified by an Auckland member of VASK
Another worthwhile mod.
Definitely makes gear changing smoother and acceleration a little more responsive.
VMAXX Coilovers