Carbonio CAI

This is something I've been wanting to do for a while but these carbon fibre cold air intakes are a bit expensive! A Briskoda member happened to be selling one for a much more affordable price so it was rude not to! Postage to New Zealand took a while - it was posted on July 28th and arrived on November 9th!
Carbonio Website
The other thing I was unsure about was the sound - would it be too loud and boy-racer? Well so far I like it.Under normal relaxed driving you hardly notice any difference but as soon as you put your foot down it starts making Darth Vader noises - ssssssssssssssssSS, then a (boy-racer style) Tschhh when you lift off.

The kit

The usual "before" shot

First step was to remove the airbox

Looks like it'll be tight!

Next the battery had to come out..

...then the headlight!
Xenons are great but they're a bit deeper than the standard lights

And finally it was in place.
What followed next was about half an hour of scraped knuckles, swearing and slight adjustments of the angles of the joints until finally I managed to get the headlight back in place.

Here's the finished article. Looks great!