DV Relocation

The main reason for doing this was to try and get the engine cover to fit after fitting the APR TIP but there are performance gains to be had. As standard the DV dumps hot air back into the intake to the turbo. As you know, more power is to be had from colder intake air, so this mod moves the DV to the cold side of the intercooler, allowing re-circulated air to be cooled before going back into the engine.
Even after a long run the DV is now cold to the touch, whereas previously it was red hot.

The kit

The obligatory "before" pictures

Not much room to get to the intercooler pipe, especially if you have Xenons.

Wheel arch liner is easily removed for access to the intercooler from below

The pipe removed - this is where the DV will connect into

This pipe is no longer used so Forge supply a nice shiny blanking plug.

The intercooler pipe back in place and connection to TIP

Everything in place

I ended up removing the engine cover again as it vibrates against the upper brace. Must sort that out!