4 BAR Fuel Pressure Regulator (FPR)


Not sure yet if this is needed but worth fitting in case - replaces the standard 3 BAR FPR

VAG Part no is 0-280-160-575.

This is a five minute job to fit:

Make sure the car has been sitting for a while so that the fuel system is de-pressurised - I left mine overnight

Open the petrol filler cap just in case

Put a rag around the FPR to catch any fuel that might come out
Slide off the clip - I separated the clip with long nosed pliers whilst pulling it off with a screwdriver slotted through the other side. Bit fiddly but simple enough.

Disconnect the rubber pipe from the top of the FPR and you should be able to lift it out.

I must have done something right as I didn't spill any fuel :)
The new FPR just pushes into place. Reconnect the pipe and reinsert the clip.
Job done!