Grounding Kit

The idea of a grounding kit is to provide a better earth to engine components than the standard wiring gives. This can help with all sorts of issues like idling problems, interference etc. Some even claim a power increase but generally this is because you've already lost that power due to a dodgy earth somewhere. I'm not having any of these issue but it can't hurt, and it's more shiny bits in the engine bay!
There are kits you can buy which range in price a fair bit but there don't seem to be many for the 1.8t so I decided to make my own. I bought the bits for less than half the cost of the cheapest kit I could find.

I decided to go with 8 gauge cable as it's thick enough but still nice and flexible.
(referred to as 8AWG or 8GA depending where you look)


I measured up the cable lengths needed then made up the cables. The ends are just crimped.

After checking out what others had done with these kits, these are the connection points I used


1  Wing near evap casing
2  Intake near Throttle Body
3  Cam Cover
4  Bracket next to FPR
5  Gearbox (hidden in the above pic hence the dotted circle)
6  Battery Negative Terminal
7  Wing

Cable Lengths
1 to 2 37cm
2 to 3 36cm
2 to 4 47cm
4 to 5 28cm
4 to 6 50cm
6 to 7 21cm

Total length of cable used: 219cm
All bolts were 10mm and the nut on the gearbox was 13mm.

Close ups of each location used
IMG_0539 IMG_0552

IMG_0540-2 IMG_0550

IMG_0541-2 IMG_0551

IMG_0542-2 IMG_0549-2

IMG_0545 IMG_0546-2

IMG_0543 IMG_0547-2

IMG_0544 IMG_0548

Total time to do the job - 10 minutes to measure, 15 minutes to make up the crimped ends, 35 minutes to install. An hour well spent!


IMG_0554 IMG_0555