Screen install - First Attempt

The screen has finally arrived!

I was stung by Customs and Excise - 92.80 in total for duty, VAT and handling fee, making the total cost of the screen about 380 quid :-(

Anyway, this is what I got:

Cat not included!

So as soon as I got in from work I was out in the car to install the screen, cup of tea at the ready!

First job was to remove the glove box then crimp all the new cables in place:

Not Exactly pretty I know! But it all tucks away out of sight in the centre console :-)

Cage installed - very tight fit!!

Here's the connections all ready for the screen:

And here's the first major problem. This is as far in as it will go!!

The next problem was when I powered up the screen and pressed the eject button, it ejected an inch then stuck - I had to pull it out manually the first time but not it ejects on its own. It still catches and judders as it comes out :-(

Ignoring that for now I tested it with the PC. The screen would come on for a fraction of a second then go blank. After much cursing, I tracked it down to the Maplins power thingy I got to regulate the 12v supply. It was obviously - if you touched the top, the screen lost power. Removing this made the screen work fine!

At least the fan works properly! Bit noisy though - must sort that later.

On this you can just see the VGA cable stopping the screen from going into the dash!

Keyboard in use!

This is what it looks like installed with no cables - not bad!